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Kanong Boxing Shorts : KNBSH-202-Maroon-Black

Kanong Boxing Shorts : KNBSH-202-Maroon-Black
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Kanong Boxing Shorts or boxing trunks are manufactured by Kanong, Thailand with high experience of making Muay Thai shorts and boxing shorts. Kanong boxing shorts are made of high quality fabric for making sportwear for professional fighters and boxers. Kanong boxing trunks are great for training and fighting.

- Handmade of 100% satin. Top quality from Thailand.

- Classic design embroidered boxing shorts for boxing and kickboxing.

- New, never been used.

Size (your waist circumference): 3S (40-48 cm), XS (53-60 cm), S (66 cm), M (71 cm), L (76 cm), XL (81 cm) .), XXL (86-93 cm.)

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