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Kids Custom made Boxing Gloves

Kids Custom made Boxing Gloves
S$ 79.99
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Custom Muay Thai Gloves
Now you can personalize Muay Thai gloves just for you.

They will be made of high quality Microfiber leather. Top grade quality leather for good boxing gloves.

Available in all size : 2 oz (4-7 years old), 4 oz (7-9 years old), 6 oz (9-13 years old)

How to order:
1. Select the gloves model that you want to customize from the table below.
For example: ThaiPower-RedGold
2. You can put your name or logo on the position 1 and 2. If logo, please send your logo picture or (preferably AI file) after makeing the order by replying back to our email address after receiving the confirmation email of your order.
For example:
Position 1 : M&M Gym Logo (send via email after order)
Position 2 : DAVID (silver fonts)
3. You can change the color of the palm side.
For example: Change the palm color to red.

If you want to put logo onto the gloves, please don't forget to email us the picture of your logo afterward, JPEG or AI only.

Customization takes about 3-4 weeks.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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